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From May 29 to June 1, 2013 a specialized exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" was held at the exhibition center "Sibexpocenter".
The exhibition is held annually since 2003.
Organizer: JSC "Sibexpocentre" — a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the leading exhibition company of East Siberia.
With active participation of:
Service for protection and use of wildlife of Irkutsk Oblast; Irkutsk regional public organization of hunters and fishermen, Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy, the Association of Hunting and Fishing exhibitions of the CIS countries.

Duration: 4 days
Total area
: 2500 sq.m.
Number of participants: 65 companies
Number of visitors: 13200 people

Irkutsk Oblast — a unique area with a rich variety of nature. Natural resources create the preconditions for the development of hunting, fishing and tourism in Angara region, attract visitors from other regions and countries. One of the objectives of the exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" is drawing attention to need for a reasonable attitude to the natural resources, safeguarding regional flora and fauna.

The exhibition brings together hunters, fishermen, lovers of active way of life. This is a great opportunity to share experience, get new knowledge about modern philosophy of hunting and fishing, demonstrate achievements.

The opening ceremony was attended by:

Kravchuk Oleg — Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Irkutsk Oblast

Zagoskin Valery —
Deputy Head of the Service for the protection and use of wildlife of Irkutsk Oblast

Trubnikov Alexey —
Head of the Irkutsk regional public organization of hunters and fishermen

Zaslavsky Yuri —
President of the Association of fishing exhibitions of the CIS countries, famous fishing professional, author and host of numerous TV shows and TV movies about fishery and fishing tourism.

 Alex P. — Deputy General Director of JSC "Sibexpocenter"
Speakers noted the positive trends in the development of the event, drew attention to special festive atmosphere in the exhibition complex.

 Valery said: "The opening day of the exhibition is a grand occasion for hunters, fishermen and nature lovers. Here, in the "SibExpoCenter" they all meet once a year to share experience, memories of hunting, fishing, visits to the taiga. Visitors can also see new hunting equipment, guns, fishing equipment, equipment for recreation and tourism, to share experience and meet like-minded people."
The opening event was followed by traditional parade of hounds, where regional hunting users showed the audience their four-legged helpers, organizer of the parade — Irkutsk society of hunters and fishermen.
On the exhibition boots visitors could get detailed advices, find and buy fishing equipment and accessories, boats and motors, camping outfit, hunting, fishing and tourist knives, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, portable gas stoves and heaters, chargrills, barbecue, folding leisure furniture, hammocks, original souvenirs, and look at numerous hunting trophies.
The pavilion was busy during all days of the exhibition — Irkutsk people actively prepared for upcoming summer holiday. Visitors got advices from experienced fishermen and tourists, hunting users shared their impressions and plans.

Geography of participants: Russia
Irkutsk Oblast — 58%
Other regions of Russia — 42%

Geographical distribution among regions of Russia:

Respublika Buryatiya
Vologda Oblast
Irkutsk Oblast
Krasnodar Krai
Krasnoyarsk Krai
Moscow city
Moscow Oblast
Nizhegorodskaya Oblast
Novosibirskaya Oblast
Chelyabinskaya Oblast
Primorskiy Krai

Spheres of exhibitors' activity:
Fishing and hunting equipment −44%
Sports equipment — 5%
Water transport — 3%
Taxidermy products — 23%
Travel Services — 3%
Related services — 17%
Media — 5%

Extensive advertising campaign was held to provide the success of exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation", it included:
E-mailing of invitations;
Placement of advertising banners and information on the show, specialized and information portals — about 40 resources;
Placement of advertising models and information in specialized, information and infotainment print media — more than 20 publications;
Advertising on a social networking site, Facebook, Vkontakte;
Outdoor Advertising (Billboard) — 190 sheets;
Outdoor advertising (billboards);
Broadcast commercials and broadcast stories in local and regional television channels — Russia, STS, Russian Sports, Ren TV;
Rent a promotional audio clips on the radio — Autoradio, Chanson;

The distribution of media recourses among Russian regions and other countries: Irkutsk city, Irkutsk Oblast, Primorskiy Krai, Novosibirskaya Oblast, Ekaterinburg city, Moscow city, Moscow Oblast, St. Petersburg city.

Types of media:
Information printed — 13%
Specialized printed — 13%
Television — 10%
Specialized portals — 38%
Information Portals — 14%
Social networking — 4%
Outdoor advertising — 4%
Audio advertising (including radio) — 4%

The round table "Water bodies of Irkutsk Oblast: the potential of fish resources and features of the development of fisheries" was held within the bounds of the business program, organized by the Department of fisheries, animal breeding and beekeeping of the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Oblast. Here participants discussed the development of fisheries in the region, including the issue of fishing industry financing. Round Table: "Actual problems of hunting development in Irkutsk Oblast" Organizers: Service for protection and use of wildlife of Irkutsk Oblast, Irkutsk Oblast, Irkutsk State Academy of Agriculture, Irkutsk Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen.
Exhibition program also included "the Fair of hunting products and equipment for hunters and fishermen", the quiz "Hunt expert" and the Auction for sale of deer hunting rights.
Daily master classes by famous fisherman Yuri Zaslavsky attracted special attention of guests and participants of the exhibition, where they could learn about the most effective modern baits for fishing and how to use it.
For hunting users the annual exhibition in the "SibExpoCenter" — is not only a place of exchange of experience, but also the opportunity to participate in hunting trophies contest, organized by the Service for the protection and use of wildlife of Irkutsk Oblast. This year 87 trophies were evaluated at the contest, including ten different species of trophies, 70 trophies were awarded to gold, silver or bronze awards.

Yuri Ivonin, expert of evaluation of hunting trophies category I:
"We are very pleased that hunting trophies contest is held within the bounds of the exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation". This year, it should be noted good preparation and design of trophies for the contest. We evaluated only fresh trophies or those samples which have never been exhibited. Hunting users presented quite a lot of fresh trophies, therefore during the days of the exhibition we had to work involving all hands. Especially I want to note the "golden" wolf skull, such skulls we have not seen in 2012. Hopefully, next year, participants will be more and not only permanent participants, but new participants will also present collections of trophies".
Love of hunting, fishing and outdoor activities brings together people of different ages, representatives of various professions. For them the exhibition "Hunting. Fisheries. Recreation" is a real treat, opportunity to find like-minded people and make good use of time.
The exhibition "Hunting. Fisheries. Recreation" ended by awarding participants and winners of trophies contest and taxidermy products. Exhibitors were awarded to gold and silver stars, diplomas of the exhibition.

Recall that the 12th Specialized exhibition "Hunting. Fishing. Recreation" will be held from 28 to 31 May, 2014 in the exhibition center JSC "Sibexpocentre".

We will be glad to see you among participants and visitors of exhibition!

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